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Idiot's Delight
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"Idiot's Delight" B-26 Marauder, Medium Bomber, AAF S/N 42-95808.

Typical of the B-26 Marauder Bombers, Idiot's Delight had a seductively painted image in the Vargas style on it's nose. Many warbirds had copies of illustrations from Esquire Magazine, stylized glamor illustrations from George Petty and Alberto Vargas. Idiot's Delight was flown to England and was assigned to 451st Bomb Squadron, 322nd Bomb Group, 9th Air Force; Andrews Field, UK. Bombing missions were flown against targets in France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. Idiot's Delight survived 151 combat missions from February 1943 to April 1945 but was scrapped after the war. Only photos and memories survive.

We have crafted an authentic reproduction of Idiot's Delight Nose Art. Warbird Collections' artists have crafted the most realistic looking reproduction World War II Nose Art available. They are full sized, museum quality and are very limited editions; there will only be a few ever made. Each is numbered with archival history.

The Nose Art display is reproduced from an actual B-26 Marauder aircraft. We have faithfully reproduced all the surface details including flush rivets, panel seams, patch panels, dimples and scrapes. The weathered and battle hardened painted surface is especially realistic.

The Warbird Collections B-26 Marauder Nose Art Reproduction is a Tribute to the airplane, the pilots and the crews that flew and maintained them.

SIZE: 14 feet long, 7-1/2 feet high, 2 feet deep; approx. 200 pounds. Each display piece has attachment (hard points) molded in the back for hanging on your wall or hanger.

PRICE: $10,000 ea.
SHIPPING & CRATING: additional, quoted on order.
FOB: California

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